Bliss out with our Brow & Facial holiday special

Bliss out with our Brow & Facial holiday special

Is the holiday rush stressing your skin out?

Take an hour for yourself and let Bombay Waterfront pamper you with our Facial & Brow spa service, at our Fairmont Waterfront Hotel location.

We’ll take care of you the moment you enter our doors with a luxurious Ayurveda facial, along with our signature brow service. In one short hour you’ll be ready to ring in the New Year!

And from now until the New Year, we're offering our 1 hour Brow & Facial Package for 10% off regular price. Use code NEWYOU10 when booking online at checkout, or call our Waterfront location and say code. 

What is an Ayurveda Facial?

Based on our Indian heritage we follow a 5,000 year old practice known as Ayurveda that uses natural ingredients and essential oils to detoxify and clear even the most sensitive of skin types.

Our ingredients are 100% plant based. So natural you could even eat our products, yet extremely effective in sloughing dead skin cells and improving the balance of your skin's natural oils. 

  • We begin by first cleansing the skin with our milk or gel cleansers that contain witch hazel, aloe gel, and jojoba oil to remove external impurities.
  • Then we mist the skin with our toner before applying a cotton gauze and our white kaolin clay mask that include rose petals and oatmeal for astringent properties. 
  • We massage your skin gently using traditional marma point therapy practices that focus on draining the lymphatic zones. 
  • We end with aloe facial lotion and rose serum to leave your skin feeling soft as silk and refreshed.

Leave Bombay with not only beautiful brows but a whole new appreciation for the season. Self-care is love to all.

If you have allergies to any skin care ingredients, please let us know when booking your facial and brow service so we may accommodate your needs. 

Book your Facial & Brow service today, using coupon code NEWYOU10 for 10% off. Call us now!


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