Bombay Brow Bar's Aftercare Tips



  • Touching

    After hair removal, your pores will be open and a reaction can occur if bacteria
    from your hands upsets the delicate balance of your skin.

  • Tanning

    For up to 24 hours after hair removal. 

  • Exfoliates, heavy perfumed face­-washes, scrubs and creams

    Your skin will be extra sensitive after hair removal! Be gentle with it, and try to
    avoid pore-clogging products.


  • Wash your face

    Wash your face with cold water in the evening and pat dry.

  • Apply Aloe or Rose Gel

    After gently washing, apply ice and/or Aloe Gel to any irritated areas.

  • Call us!

    Please give us a call right away if you have any questions or concerns.