How we’re changing the face of beauty in 2020 – and elevating self-esteem

How we’re changing the face of beauty in 2020 – and elevating self-esteem

Beauty means something different to everyone. At Bombay Brow Bar, we help women look beautiful on the outside, as well as on the inside. 

Our purpose is to make decisions with LOVE, to set intentions with self-love, and make memories for loved ones because we know how precious and short life can be. 

We believe we can elevate the world with love. We’re on a mission in 2020 to change the face of beauty and elevate self-esteem in girls and women in Vancouver, and around the world. 

How are we doing this? Here are the 3 ways we’re changing the face of beauty:


Most of you know us for our eyebrow and facial services. These are very intimate services and require a delicate level of touch. Touch holds an important place in our everyday lives. It helps to soothe the mind, connect with others, and relieve pain. We also use touch to help nourish and care for your skin and brows. 

In 2014, four years after opening our first brow bar in Vancouver, we launched the Bombay Beauty Co. collection of conscious, plant-based, skin and beauty products that help women feel healthy and beautiful. They were inspired by Ayurveda, an ancient 5000-year-old east life science and a Sanskrit word meaning  “knowledge of life and longevity.”

Today our Bombay Beauty Co, is a highly coveted nature-based beauty and wellness brand that is committed to touching, moving, and inspiring others with love. We use our products in our five Vancouver brow bar locations today. 


Our family knows how precious life is. In 2012 our mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and our whole family’s life was changed. It really brought new meaning to the word “love” for us. 

At that time we were about 2 years into our Bombay Brow Bar business, but this unexpected family event changed our whole perspective on beauty and love. It brought into sharp focus how precious life really is and how it’s important to love your body, mind, and soul so you can live your best life. 

Until then, our business was mainly focused on outward, physical beauty. After our mother’s diagnosis we began looking for ways to bring other forms of beauty and love into our lives and our business. 


My sister Amy and I started the Bombay Brow Bar from our love and passion for our Indian culture and with a mantra for empowering women. We know how blessed we are to have the opportunity to have our own business in a society where until recently, it wasn’t as easy for women to become entrepreneurs. 

Even today, some women find entrepreneurship a hard business to crack. This is why we take our inspiration from women who we empower to believe in self-love and self-care. 

We’re immensely proud to spread our love and prosperity forward to help women experiencing gender equality issues around the world. We donate 5% from all online product purchases to the “I AM A GIRL” Foundation. 

This foundation fights for girls’ rights and gender equality. They believe that they can create a world where children and girls feel empowered and free to unleash their full potential on the world. The money raised by this organization goes directly to programs and initiatives to empower young girls around the world. 

We get inspired by women like Malala Yousafzai who said, “We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” We don’t want young girls and women to feel held back by anything. In fact, we should be holding them up for the world to see all the change-makers and influencers among them. 

We’re doing our part to support women to feel the love and inspiration. Beauty starts on the inside with our self-esteem. NO GIRL SHOULD FEEL HELD BACK!

At Bombay Brow Bar we’re on a mission to spread love through touch, healing, and inspiration. We’re committed to elevating our world with love. We want all women to live life to their greatest potential and be happy, healthy, and beautifully fulfilled both inside and out. 

We believe we can elevate the world with love. Will you do the same?

xo Ravy

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