Kapha Dosha

According to Ayurveda, our dominant doshas inform many areas of our lives, from skincare to diet, and even our personality. Doshas are the three life energies that define every person’s makeup, and are unique combinations of the five Ayurvedic elements – air, ether, fire, water, and earth. While all three doshas are present in everyone, one or two tend to dominate and determine the state of our mind, body, and soul.

Ayurveda states that when one or more doshas fall out of balance, we must follow specific protocols to return our dosha composition to equilibrium.

What is a Kapha?

Kaphas are composed of earth and water, and as a result, are the most grounded personality types of the three. Kaphas are warm of mind, steady of heart, and have a deep sense of inner calm. They value consistency and are not afraid to stand by the things they love. Best of all? Kapha-dominant individuals are incredibly patient, forgiving, and an unfailingly loyal friend who never leaves a loved one behind.

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Discover Your Dosha: Kapha

How to balance Kapha

As the combination of earth and water, Kaphas are calm, grounded, and value structure. Practicing self-care and finding enjoyable hobbies is vital to maintaining a Kapha balance, as too much sleep, lack of activity, overeating, excess "junk" food, and cool, damp climates can cause a change in our Kapha composition.

When Kapha is out of balance, you may notice weight gain, fluid retention, allergies, and sluggishness. To rebalance, Kaphas need mental stimulation and physical activity. Try going on daily walks, finding an intellectual challenge, and practicing daily mindfulness – like yoga! In addition, Kapha-dominant individuals should minimize heavy foods, like red meat, fried foods, and pasta, from their diet, consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and favour warm beverages. In fact, a nice, warm cup of chai is just what Kapha needs!

Discover Your Dosha: Kapha

Kapha Recommended Skincare Routine

Kapha-dominant individuals typically have oily, thick skin with enlarged pores. When out of balance, Kapha becomes more prone to breakouts and attracts more impurities from their environment. These skin concerns are best managed through regular internal and external detoxification and control of excess sebum production.

Our Bombay Kapha collection is specially designed with our Bombay Spearmint pure essential oil blend to balance normal to oily skin types.

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Step 1: Start with a deep cleanse with a natural cleanser

Using a natural cleanser, start with a deep cleanse to gently lift dirt and environmental impurities from the pores and maintain moisture levels. We recommend our pure, non-foaming No. 01 - Clarify - Green Tea & Oats Cleanser for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the green tea, which help reduce sebum production and treat acne.

Step 2: Detox with an Ayurvedic face mask

Next, apply an Ayurvedic face mask once or twice a week to gently slough away dull dead skin and absorb impurities for softer, brighter looking skin! A relaxing blend of white kaolin clay, rose petals, and oats, our No. 03 - Detoxify - White Clay Face Mask was specifically designed for oily and sensitive skin to absorb excess oil, fight acne, and tone skin.

Step 3: Refresh skin with a toner

An essential step in any skincare routine, toning helps to refresh the skin, seal your pores, and keep your skin hydrated. Try our gentle No. 04 - Refresh - Rosa & Oats Facial Tonic, made with pure rosewater and rosa essential oils to balance the skin, gently lift impurities, and reduce excess oil.

Step 4: Hydrate with a cooling aloe vera gel

Aloe-based facial gels, like our No. 05 - Hydrate - Rose & Cucumber Facial Gel, are perfect for oily skin types, as they lock in natural moisture while helping the top layer of skin bond together. This helps to smooth and soften the skin, and even treats the flakiness that may be caused by oily patches.

Step 5: Lightly spritz with an essential oil serum

Lastly, Ayurvedic skincare routines emphasize using herbal oils to keep pores in check, and lock in moisture for a healthy glow. Designed for normal to oily skin, our new No. 06 - Glow - Spearmint Oil Facial Elixir is a unique blend of spearmint oil and seven other essential oils, and is carefully curated for an anti-aging effect, brighter appearance, and a visibly even skin texture.

Ayurvedic Skincare Routine - Cleanse

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