• Seriously, just brows?

    Yes! Bombay Brow Bar is Vancouver’s original eyebrow bar, specializing in brows, and
    only brows!  We have a serious obsession for brows, and believe that they are the
    most important feature on your face. Most spas and estheticians offer brow services
    but at Bombay, it`s our only service. So why settle? Brows aren’t just another spa menu
    item at Bombay, it’s our specialty!

  • What's the deal with having perfect brows?

    Well-manicured brows are an essential beauty must-have! Eyebrows frame your eyes
    and create a lasting impression so it’s important to keep them in top notch condition.
    With proper eyebrow shaping, you can create gorgeous brows with perfect arches that
    frame your face so that you look leaner, younger and brighter. 

  • What brow shaping techniques do you use?

    At Bombay you choose your favorite shaping technique! We offer threading,waxing and
    tweezing to perfectly suit your beauty needs. 

  • I've never shaped my brows before, what method should I use?

    At Bombay Brow Bar, you pick the technique. But…we totally dig threading because it
    offers more control for precision shaping. Waxing can be far too aggressive on the sensitive
    eye area and 
    side effects of waxing can be extremely harmful if you are taking certain medications
    or if you have had cosmetic surgery around the eyes. Threading also allows us to work on your
    brows one row of hairs at a time until we have reached your desired shape. 

  • How does threading work? Where is it from?

    Threading is an ancient Indian skill which simply uses cotton thread to remove unwanted hair
    from the root. With amazing precision and control, it’s quickly becoming the preferred way to
    shape eyebrows. With threading, the thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin
    entwining the hairs and removing them from their follicle. It is less painful than other eyebrow
    shaping methods as it targets individual hairs, even the shortest ones, with minimum skin irritation.