Our Thoughts on Diversity in Vancouver and Beyond

Our Thoughts on Diversity in Vancouver and Beyond

Throughout this month, we’ve rallied among our community to support diversity and human rights in Vancouver and beyond. As women, women entrepreneurs, and women entrepreneurs of colour we’ve experienced discrimination and challenges ourselves first hand and we recognize how racism is still widely experienced in our society, even so close to home. 

It’s why our whole mantra for Bombay Brow Bar is quite simply, Love. We believe we can elevate the world with it, by setting our intentions and actions with compassion for people in our community. We want to create a ripple effect of love among our neighbourhood and beyond through education, researching and funding.

"In my own experiences as a young, South Asian Sikh girl growing up in small rural communities in BC to an entrepreneur in Vancouver, I have been fortunate to have the support and kindness of many communities that supported my education and dreams regardless of my ethnic background, religion, or gender," Says Ravy Mehroke, co-founder of Bombay Brow Bar. "I believe that it is our human and social responsibility to support, elevate, and take a stand for others regardless of culture, skin, religion, age, gender identity, sexual identity, or any other differences that may exist. In the end, we are all human and having love, compassion and kindness for each other is what makes us human."

So what are we doing?

Our goal has always been to empower and support girls and young women to pursue their dreams and elevate the world they are living in. It’s why we donate regularly to the I AM A GIRL fund to fight for girls’ rights and gender equality. You can learn more here

This month though, we want to give to a cause that will particularly support the confidence and wellness of Black girls and young women. Throughout the month of June, Bombay is donating 5% of all online product sales to the The Loveland Foundation. This wonderful program, started by Rachel Cargle, offers free therapy for Black women and girls who experience barriers to accessing these important resources. Whenever you make an online purchase on our website, 5% will be given to the foundation. We’ll announce the grand total at the end of the month.

Other ways we’re supporting women of colour

As entrepreneurs, we’re passionate about supporting other women who want to grow their business too. We’re mentors for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) and are helping women push their business to the next level. FWE wants to ensure that their inclusive programs are being equally represented among diverse audiences, including Black and Indigenous business women. We highly recommend this group and community in helping you get the resources and networks you need to grow your business.

"In my personal experience, it's been extremely rewarding to have a mentor that believes in you and your dreams, to support your journey, and to share their experiences with you so that you can learn, create, and give back," says Ravy. "Having a mentor and being a mentor is an opportunity to elevate each other to reaching your greatest potential."

If you are interested in applying for the FWE Mentorship Program as a mentee or mentor, submit your application on the FWE website. 

How you can support diversity in Vancouver

We recognize that you may want to show your own support for diversity in Vancouver, and here is a list of some great local organizations and resources:

  • Black Lives Matter, Vancouver Chapter: This is the local chapter of the global initiative and they support ending systematic racialized violence in the Black community. Their progarms support all marganilized members of our community including queer, women, trans, differently abled, and the poor. 
  • Black in BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19: This popular Go Fund Me campaign has surpassed their fundraising goal and has expanded their programs to offer support to even more  Black families in BC who do not qualify for government assistance during COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • If you are looking for a place to eat and want to support Black-owned restaurants in Vancouver, Foodcouver.org is compiling a list of local restaurants you can support. They are constantly vetting and adding new restaurants all the time.

Our message for the future of diversity in Vancouver and beyond

To support change we need to keep listening, researching, unlearning and relearning about systemic racism in not only around the world, but here in our community too. We can only elevate others as long as we recognize how our actions and preconceived notions may be the cause of inequality. Act with love, and change will come.

And remember that 5% of all Bombay Brow product sales this month will go to help Black girls and young women get access to therapy. Let’s help change the system by providing more love and support to community services. 

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