The Body Benefits of Facial Marma Massage

The Body Benefits of Facial Marma Massage

As anyone who’s ever had a therapeutic massage can attest, a good massage will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The benefits last long after your massage is over and when done to your face, can actually make you look younger, due to the drainage of your lymphatic areas.  

It's why we have proudly added Marma Facial Massages to our services menu and can be added to any one of our brow services. This ancient Eastern technique is based on Ayurveda holistic lifestyle practices, and allows us to smooth away the affects of stress and external toxins with gentle pressure points to your face.

Ready to test our massage out? From now until March 31, receive a complimentary 5 minute Marma Facial Massage when you book any one of our brow services! Use code FREEMARMA when booking online. 


What is a Marma Massage?

 To fully understand facial marma massage, it’s important to understand it’s guiding principles. Marma massage is based on Ayurveda: a holistic healthy lifestyle system of prevention and treatments that have been used in India for over 5000 years. It combines lifestyle practices (diet, massage, meditation, yoga...etc) and herbal remedies to promote good health. 

It has 2 guiding principles:

  • the mind and body are connected, and 
  • the mind has the power to heal and transform the body.

As a healthcare practice, Ayurveda looks at the whole body and person. It treats both physical symptoms and ailments and also changes lifestyle practices as needed to create a better balance. 

Ayurveda is the foundation of Bombay Brow and all our brow services and products, which is why we’re so excited to add facial marma massage to our services menu.  

The Connection Between Marma Points and Our Health

Nearly a quarter of the 108 marma points (where the 72,000 nadis intersect) are found on the face. Massaging marma points with Ayurveda facial marma massage can help reduce inflammation, increase energy, and improve your digestion. 

Each of our 108 marma points corresponds to vayu (a function of prana), a dosha, dhatu (bodily tissue), and srota (physical channel). When your life energy freely flows from the nadis to the marma points you experience good health. If they are slowed or blocked in any way, your health can suffer. 

Many things can cause blockages including eating devitalized food, lack of sleep, stress, too much sun, not enough exercise, pollution and environmental toxins, too much artificial lighting, and not being connected enough to nature. Opening them up again can often have a huge impact on your health and well-being.

What is Marma Point Therapy

Facial marma massage and marma point therapy is based on Ayurvedic healing, a 5000-year-old practice. Through marma point massage, we can help clear any blockages and stagnation within these energy points. It is believed that flushing your marma points with massage can help activate your body’s inner healing ability. When these energy points are cleared, energy can more freely flow through your body and your body’s ability to self-heal increases.

Marma point facial massage is different than a typical massage you may have been given by a Registered Massage Therapist or another massage specialist. Other types of massage use deep pressure to reach your muscles. In facial marma massage, light pressure is all that’s needed to reach and activate the layer of energy in your body. 

At Bombay Brow Bar we offer facial marma massage by trained professionals. Our staff understands the connection between the marma points on the face and your entire body. A marma massage consists of touching the marma points with light pressure in a circular motion: clockwise to increase energy flow and counterclockwise for a calming effect. 

You will leave your massage appointment feeling healthier and refreshed. 

Why Facial Marma Point Massage?

Because your prana flows throughout your body, the benefits of facial marma point massage can be felt in your whole body, even though we only massage your face. Gentle massage of the marma points on your face helps:

  • promote healthy, glowing skin, 
  • reduce eye strain,
  • increase in general immunity,
  • release emotional blocks,
  • increase in energy levels,
  • relieve pain,
  • improve digestive processes,
  • encourage more restful sleep,
  • increases circulation throughout your body,
  • stimulate creativity,
  • release past traumas,
  • harness stronger intuition,
  • increase feelings of inner peace,
  • balances your dosha, and 
  • slows the aging processes.

Marma massage also promotes better absorption of oils and creams to better hydrate your skin below the surface. This is especially important after your brow appointment as your skin could be slightly irritated from the brow shaping and it will help facial gel, oil, serum, and other moisturizers more deeply hydrate and protect your skin.

Marma Point Massage at Bombay Brow Bar

As an Ayurveda beauty brand, we are excited to offer marma point massages on their own or added to a brow service. Massages are available in 5-, 10-, and 15-minute sessions. Until March 6, 2020, get a complimentary 5-minute marma massage with any regular Bombay Brow service!

We will be using our popular Soft as Roses Serum during the treatment. This nourishing, glow-boosting serum is designed to help cell rejuvenation, prevent anti-oxidants, and boost collagen for hydrated, velvet-smooth skin. It’s suitable for all doshas and is made vegan.

Our Soft as Roses Serum contains a unique essential oil blend of:

  • jojoba oil,
  • carrot seed,
  • sunflower oil,
  • sweet almond oil,
  • rice bran oil,
  • apricot oil,
  • evening primrose oil, and
  • rosehip oil. 

As a special bonus, you can purchase more serum to bring home with you and save 20% during our promotion. 

Our Bombay Brow spas are located in the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Yaletown, Kitsilano, and Park Royal South. You can book an appointment for our brow service or facial marma massages online 

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